Special Pricing on the LG Chromebase

Through a special arrangement with LG and our distributors, we are able to offer the LG Chromebase for $294, more than 33% off the list price.

Order 10 or more and the price drops to $289 each.

With the Chrome Management License, the cost is $324 or $319, respectively.

The LG Chromebase is great for:

  • Computer labs
  • Language, math, and other resource centers
  • Kiosks
  • Workstations in Libraries
  • Teacher workstations in classrooms
    • Use Chromecast to connect to a projector

Contact us with any questions, or complete the form, below, for a formal quote:


5 Ways Google Apps Will Help Your Business


Not just an email service, Google Apps is a business platform that enables efficiency and productivity by giving your team better communication and collaboration tools.

In less than 12 minutes, Cumulus Global’s CEO Allen Falcon identifies 5 ways that Google Apps will help your business.

1) Improved Communications

2) Collaboration — More and Better

3) Secure Access — from anywhere at anytime

4) Business Continuity

5) Lower Operating Costs — instead of CapEx + OpEx 

The video is a recording of Allen’s Standing Room Only seminar at the Central Mass Business Expo in September 2014.  Click Here to view the recording and contact us for more information and a free assessment of your business’ cloud potential.



Video Streaming and Your ISP Performance

As you move to the cloud, you will be more dependent on reliable, well-performing, Internet service.

Video Quality ReportOne of the largest services that impacts Internet, and therefore cloud-based service, performance, is video streaming.  The Google Video Quality Report is a free tool that lets you look at the video streaming patterns for your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and others in your area.  By comparing usage patterns, you can better understand your ISP’s performance and can determine if your ISP, or another, is best for you.

For general monitoring of Internet connection performance, we recommend Ookla’s Speedtest. This site will test Ping response, download speed, and upload speed, which you can then compare to your contract guarantees.  The site will test against the closest server; we recommend testing with several servers in your area to get a better assessment of your speed. Creating an account let’s you save and share your results.