Backup Axiom #1 – Recovery is Hard

In his IT Project Failures blog, Michael Krigsman bemoans his “Failing with Online Backup” in his effort to backup 350 GB using two popular consumer online backup services (. While many of the comments teased him with “you get what you pay for” taunts, the real issue is …

Backup Axiom #1: Backups are Easy; Recovery is Hard;

In his search for a cheap answer, he neglected to consider is upload speed, the size and nature of his data, the retention points and period, the restore methods of the services, and the likely nature of his restores.

While in the comments he states he is fine with an long initial seed, selecting a service with an offline method of seeding would have avoided the bandwidth and connectivity failures he experienced. And while his intent was to be able to recovery individual files, should he need to restore 20GB, 50GB, or more of his data, he would have been more than frustrated in the process and speed.

Anybody can provide cheap, secure, off-site backup storage. The key is selecting a service that meets your reliability and recovery needs.

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