Google Apps Admins Win with Cumulus Global / BetterCloud Partnership

BetterCloud LogoOne of the challenges of cloud computing solutions is effectively managing the services. While most cloud services let you manage the service, they do not always provide tools that help manage how the service is used.  As a BetterCloud Preferred Partner, Cumulus Global offers organizations using Google Apps for Business, Education, and Government an admin-friendly cloud management tool.  FlashPanel’s simplifies many management tasks, enhances administrators’ ability to secure and control the Google Apps domain, automates common management tasks, and enables delegation of responsibilities.

“FlashPanel simplifies the management of advanced Google Apps features, such as Groups, making them more accessible to users”, noted Allen Falcon, CEO of Cumulus Global. “Available features such as inbox monitoring and sharing management help organizations properly secure their Google Apps domains.”

Cumulus Global offers FlashPanel as a value-add service for Google Apps customers and as an integrated component of its CumuluSuite offerings.

“Cumulus Global is a great resource for small and midsized businesses looking to go Google or enhance their use of the platform,” said David Politis, CEO and Founder of BetterCloud. “We’re thrilled to have Cumulus on board as a preferred partner and are excited to work with them to not only to increase the distribution of FlashPanel, but to also expand the adoption of Google Apps.”

As a Preferred Partner, Cumulus Global offers organizations two versions of FlashPanel.  The Partner Edition, available for free from Cumulus Global, offers all of the features of the self-service free edition in the Google Apps Marketplace, plus a range of administration, security, automation, and reporting features.  For a small, per-user, annual fee, the Enterprise Edition includes a wide range of administration and automation features, designed to enable bulk changes, multi-domain management, scheduled activities, and user-provisioning workflows.  The Enterprise edition also delivers sharing management/compliance and inbox monitoring features.

About BetterCloud

BetterCloud ( is the leading provider of cloud management and security tools for Google Apps. FlashPanel, its flagship product, installed by over 20,000 companies and 12 million users worldwide, is a directory management and Google Drive security application that empowers Google Apps administrators by providing added controls, visibility, automation and more. BetterCloud also powers Ask the Gooru, which provides free Google Apps training videos and aims to further the adoption of Google Apps.

About Cumulus Global

Cumulus Global ( provides cloud solutions for small and midsize enterprises.  As a Cloud Solutions Provider and a Google Apps Premier SMB Reseller, Cumuls Global helps small and midsize businesses, non-profits, governments, and educational institutions move from in-house systems to cloud computing solutions.  We align technology with our clients’ goals, objectives, and bottom lines. In addition to Google Apps, Cumulus Global offers a range of cloud-based security, storage, and server solutions.