Cumulus Global Launches Google Apps for Franchises

Delivers Integrated Email and Collaboration Services to
Franchisers and Their Franchisees

WESTBOROUGH, MA – August 08, 2011 – Cumulus Global is pleased to announce the launch of Google Apps for Franchises, an integrated product and service packages designed to improve communication and collaboration between franchisers and their franchisees.  With Google Apps for Business at its core, Google Apps for Franchises gives franchisers control over their domain and their brand while providing Franchisees with best-in-class email, communication, and collaboration tools.

“Google Apps for Franchises goes beyond providing domain-branded email service to Franchisees,” stated Allen Falcon, CEO of Cumulus Global.  “The package gives franchisers the ability to move documents and training materials out of the 3-ring binder and into secure portals, without having to buy and build an expensive infrastructure.”

Google Apps for Franchises includes creation of a secure franchisee portal that may be used to share documents, create on-online policy and procedure models, deliver training videos, and post announcements.  Using Google Docs and Google Sites, franchisers can setup systems for improved reporting and rolling up numbers.  The package also includes Cumulus Global’s Premium Support offering, including tier 2 end user support.

“We understand that franchisers have unique business issues when providing services to franchisees,” notes Falcon.  “Franchisers, for example, can direct us to invoice them centrally or invoice each franchisee.”

Franchisers interested in Google Apps for Franchises can get more information at Cumulus Global’s website directly or through the Google Apps Marketplace.

About Cumulus Global
Cumulus Global, formerly Horizon Info Services, helps small and mid-size businesses, non-profits, governments, and educational institutions thrive by delivering cloud computing solutions.  Serving clients from 1 to more than 1000 employees across numerous industries, we align technology with our clients’ goals, objectives, and bottom lines. We leverage our expertise, vendor relationships, and a diversified range of best-of-breed cloud services to create custom solutions with tangible value.

Google Apps for Franchises is the first in a series of industry specific cloud computing solutions from Cumulus Global.