Not a Good Time? Do it Now Anyway!

Working with small and mid-size enterprises, one of the challenges we see is time. Stating the incredibly obvious, time is often a commodity in short supply  and your company’s leaders may struggle to manage it well.  The result, we often hear something along the lines of:

“We are definitely going forward, but …”

Sometimes, there are other projects that need to finish first. Sometimes, it’s your busy season. Sometimes, it is just too difficult to schedule meetings with all of the people that need to be there.

Let’s face facts: It is never the “perfect”, “right”, or “most convenient” time to make changes to your IT systems.

Your business — your team — will always be in the middle of something that should not be disrupted. Whenever you decide to move forward, you will be busy and you will risk some disruption.

Do not let the fear of disruption prevent you from gaining the advantages change.

In a recent study by Forrester, and in conversations with our customers, moving IT infrastructure and apps into the cloud has measurable impacts.

  • Better collaboration saves knowledge workers ~2 hours per week
  • Review and acceptance of documents takes 20% to 60% less time
  • Chat and video reduces travel expenses by up to 70%
  • Mobile access enables shorter sales cycles, by as much as 22%

Often times, we see how modernizing IT services via cloud solutions can improve workflows and access to information, thereby reducing the backlog and some of the “busy-ness” of the team.

Facing challenges and armed with the facts, many small business leaders still put off changes, hoping a “better time” will arrive.

Let’s face reality: your business will probably never reach that elusive (maybe even mythical) “right” time to make IT changes. By waiting, you prolong the problems and the frustration of your staff. You are missing the opportunity to improve to very systems that are contributing to your challenges.

If there is never going to be a “right” time, why not move forward now?