Google Postini Services Update 10/13/09 11:00 PM

At 7:15 PM ET, an update was posted for Google Postini Services:

‘We experienced an issue which has caused a backlog of inbound email affecting
users on System 7. We are currently taking steps to address the existing backlog
and minimize the impact on new incoming email. For the affected users inbound
mail has been flowing but at a reduced rate. Outbound mail remains fully
functional. We are working to fully restore mail flow as soon as possible, and
we will provide ongoing updates.’

As of 11:00 PM ET, our observations are as follows:

  • Services are running normally via the Secondary Data Centers
  • New messages are flowing with little apparent delay
  • Deferred messages are being released into the stream
  • The message center and administration console are both available for use.
  • This remains a ‘no data loss event’
  • Spooling is functioning properly”

We updated our home page to refresh recent blog posts at 5 minute intervals. We will continue to post information as appropriate.