Myth Busting Monday: Email is not Simpler in the Cloud

Office365-Logo-and-textIt is true: the technology behind Exchange Online and the Office 365 Mail, Calendar, and Contact services is a close sibling to the MS Exchange Server sitting in your computer room. So if the technology is the same, how can putting email in the cloud improve your IT?

Email in the Cloud Simplifies Your IT

Moving email into the cloud eliminates the hardware, software, and all of the maintenance and support required to keep things running. When you move to Exchange Online or Office 365, the experts who created to software are keeping it up, running, and secure. Microsoft will also keep your environment up to date with automatic application of updates and fixes.

You still control your company’s capabilities and how your team uses the available features, and have the option to schedule updates and fixes. But without all daily maintenance and management, you and your IT team have more time and energy to focus on the core operations that build business value.

Simplify your IT and drive your business forward.


This is the eighth post in a multi-part series designed to help companies better assess the opportunity and value of cloud-based solutions. Contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation Cloud Advisor session to discuss your priorities and plans.