NetGEAR Rolls out ReadyNAS with Online Storage: We Have Questions

As reported on, NetGear has introduced a new ReadyNAS storage device aimed at the SMB Market. The device includes the capability to use an integrated online backup service with packages as low as $1/GB per month.

As always, we have our questions:

  • Is the fee based on native or compressed space?
  • Is the online storage a vault or just a copy of the onsite backup?
  • What are the retention options and limitations?
  • Is the online storage a full backup service? Or, just a ‘most recent copy’?
  • What is the method for offline restoration?

Backup is easy; Recovery is hard.

NetGEAR is positioning the box as a bridge between online and in-house backups — trying to satisfy customers at all points on the comfort scale. Time will tell which parts of the market they can satisfy.