Postini is Moving, But Not Going Away

Earlier this month, Google announced a major change for users of Postini email security services, including the Google Message Security and Message Archive & Discovery Services.  If you listen to the FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) spewing from competitors, you would think that Google is about to abandon some its best customers.

Here are the facts:

  • Google is moving Postini services from the legacy Postini data centers onto Google’s more advanced infrastructure.
  • Before the migrations begin, Google is adding functionality to Google Apps’ spam and virus services that are not yet present:
    • Policy-Based TLS Encryption is in the current Scheduled Release Track
    • Daily Quarantine Summary messages and expanded blatant spam protection are planned
  • Postini users will have the same features and services after the migration that they have today.
  • The Postini Administration Console will be replaced by cPanel settings and modules that will simplify the interface and make management of the services more intuitive.
  • Migrations will begin in the first quarter of 2013, starting with Google Message Security customers.  Message Archive & Discovery services will migrate to Google Apps Vault.  These migration will happen later.
  • Google will publish a migration path for Google Message Encryption users in the near future.
  • Pricing for services will remain the same.
  • After the migration, Postini customers will have access to additional features, including Google Apps services other than Gmail.  Message Archive & Discovery customers will be able to archive instant messages sent/received via Google Talk and, in the future, documents stored in Google Docs.

Our Analysis:

When Google migrated Google Apps customers running the embedded Postini services to the new spam/virus protection in Google Apps, customers did notice a difference.  Most notable were differences in the scope of blatant spam filtering and the elimination of the daily quarantine summary.

For users of “stand-alone” Postini services, Google is filling in the functionality gaps and has committed to fully equivalent services.  Beyond that, Google is providing Postini users with added features and benefits of Google’s infrastructure.  Whether or not a company is interested in access to Google Docs and other services, the Google Apps infrastructure will provide greater performance and reliability.

Our Recommendation:

We recommend companies stay with Postini and go through the migration process.  With comparable features and functions, access to additional services, and simplified management tools, companies should benefit from the changes.  The scope and quality of services are worth waiting for and trying, before deciding if there is any need to look elsewhere.


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  1. Chris
    Chris says:

    Three months into my pre-migration investigations I’m still struggling to see how Google Apps can provide sufficient rigour to replace Postini. The biggest problem is that Google will neither give me a definitive list of IP addresses that it will use to deliver to my mail server nor allow me to configure authentication.

    The net result is that I either have to “guess” the possible IP addresses for delivery by parsing Google’s SPF record and hope they don’t change too often (which in turn assumes it’s even relevant for onward deliveries) or to leave my mail server wide open (which largely negates the point of a Postini antispam/antivirus replacement)

    • Allen Falcon
      Allen Falcon says:


      Are you looking to “lock down” port 25 to restrict traffic to only the Google servers providing the spam/virus protection?


    • Allen Falcon
      Allen Falcon says:

      While there are many more options on the market today for Spam/Virus protection, relatively few work as well with an operating model as unintrusive as Postini offered.

      • Rick
        Rick says:

        Hi, below is a response I received from a re-seller in response to a question a had about the transition. Please read and respond. Thanks.

        ” Well Postini is NOT transitioning into Google Apps for business. Some people think that the Postini product is going to be integrated into Google Apps, but Postini is completely going away and will no longer be available to use. Google Apps is in the cloud, so if you have an exchange server then you have to set it up to be dual delivered, and if Google Apps goes down, you won’t know unless you actually log into Gmail. Also, there is no spooling with Apps, so you may miss emails or not know that emails were trying to come through which is an issue for a lot of clients.

        We don’t know what the interface looks like or what the migration tool is going to bring over. The filtering is only going to be a gmail filter, so not like Postini filtering at all. If you want to you can let the transition go through, and if you don’t like it then I can set you up with something else”

        • Allen Falcon
          Allen Falcon says:


          The reseller is giving you bad information. Postini’s technology is embedded on the google apps platform, which will host these services. Dual Delivery will not be required .. in fact when your Postini account migrates, you will NOT have access to Gmail unless you subscribe.



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