Ransomware is Front Page News (Again)

Over the past several weeks, we have been aggressively communicating with our customers and others about the sharp rise in ransomware hitting small and midsize enterprises.  We have blogged about the need for preparation against attacks and for recovery just in case, as well as the full cost of ransomware attacks. While some organizations are taking action, others still see the threat as a low risk.

This weekend, the Wall Street Journal emphasized the critical nature of the threat with a front page article reinforcing the severity and scope of the problem. The article reiterates the rapid growth of Ransomware, the increasing ransoms, and the ease by which computers become infected.

To help organizations better understand the risks, strategies for prevention, and preparation for recovery “just in case”, we recently published our Business Guide to Ransomware.  Written for the non-techie, it is a must read for any small or midsize enterprise with an Internet connection.

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