Things To Like About Firefox

Those of you that know me, know that I have been using Firefox as my default browser. I still need to use IE for some sites that do not work properly in Firefox. As I use Firefox, there are a few features that seem to make life easier.

  • Tab Use Order: I use tabs … lots of tabs. If I open a new tab, read the content, and close the tab, Firefox returns me to my previous tab. IE defaults to the next tab to the left. Firefox makes it easier to bounce between my inbox and calendar, particularly when other tabs are open.
  • Location Field Lookup: When typing information in the location bar, Firefox searches not only the content of URLs in the cache, but page header and tag information as well. The result, I can reach my inbox entering “mail”, “inbox” or a number of other phrases.
  • Ent.Save and Quit: When closing Firefox, I am prompted to save the open tabs before exiting. When I do, the same tabs are present and connected when I next start Firefox. This feature lets get back to work more quickly.

Do you have favorite features in IE or Firefox? Post a comment and let us know.