Tuesday Take-Away: 6 Reasons to Upgrade to Google Apps for Business

We work with small businesses, including small office/home office businesses with 20, 10, 5, or fewer employees.  So, it is not uncommon for us to get questions about why they should pay for Google Apps for Business, when with 10 or fewer users, the free version is, well, free.

In no particular order, here is why Google Apps for Business is the right thing to do …

  • Space: Google Apps for Business increases your mailbox from 7.4GB to 25GB and gives you much more room for Google Docs and content in Google Sites.  Give your self room to grow.
  • Data Privacy: Google Apps for Business is free of advertisements.  Google does not have access to your data and your data privacy is backed by terms of service and your service level agreement.  While some businesses do not mind the content scanning for ad display in the free version, their customers might mind that their information is not fully private.
  • Email Security: Google Apps for Business includes enhanced spam protection, as well as virus protection and policy-based TLS encryption, with Google Message Security.  You can also add compliant archive/discovery services and message level encryption.
  • User Counts: Let your business grow without worrying that you will hit the 10 user limit in the free edition.  Google Apps for Business has no user limits, and lets you alias more domains and users.
  • More Features:
    • Resource Calendars for conference rooms, equipment, vehicles, etc.
    • User-Managed Groups for distribution lists, discussion forums, shared email folders
    • Better Integration with MS Office using OffiSync Premium
    • Google Apps Sync for MS Outlook for users that want to keep their familiar email client
    • Integration solutions that make Google Apps part of your IT ecosystem
  • Support: Cumulus Global offers complete packages for SoHo businesses that include end user support.

Need we say more?