What is Your Workload?

cloud workload icon
As any new technology takes hold, our vocabulary inevitably changes. New terms and phrases, or new meanings, take hold and our vernacular grows and changes.

When you talk to technologists about cloud, the term du jour is Workload.

Talking cloud, workload refers to any measurable utilization of cloud services. The more technical use refers to processor, memory, storage, or network loads. Workload often refers to a “package” of cloud use. The package may be part of an application, a full application, or a set of integrated applications.

Email is a workload; a file sync-and-share service is a workload; a back-end database is a workload; website analytics is a workload. The challenge, of course, is that your business does not think or run on technology components. You have people, processes, systems, and services.

When planning your cloud presence, think of workloads in terms of business functions and systems. Yes, email may be a workload. But so may be your “communication services”, or your “customer service” function, or you “analytics services”.  By looking at workload in terms of your business, you will be less likely to fragment your cloud and on-premise systems. Building and managing the hybrid environment will be simpler and more effective over time.

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