Set your Sites on better Gadget and LInk Integration

To expand the potential of Google Sites for internal and secure customer portal, Google has improved how gadgets and links are managed.

You can now

  • Paste embeddings that use object, embed, or iframe tags; they will be auto-wrapped in a gadget
  • Add custom links in your sidebar navigation, using manual mode
  • More easily paste HTML from external sources

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Sending Email from Multiple Addresses

It is no longer uncommon for some users to manage multiple email accounts. Whether covering email addresses for support or customer service, or providing administrative assistance to an executive the “on behalf of” label can be distracting to the email recipient.

Google Apps Premier Edition (and Education Edition) now allow users to send emails from multiple addresses without the “on behalf of” label in the sender address.

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Google Apps and OpenID

With in-house systems, multiple user names and passwords are often an issue as applications and systems have unique security systems and requirements. So too is the case as you move into cloud computing solutions.

By providing an API for OpenID, organizations can allow users to log into OpenID-enabled applications using their Google Apps username and password.

This feature, available for Education and Premier Editions only, improves the end user experience.

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Can I find the document you shared with me?

As organizations improve collaboration, document sharing replaces endless chains of email attachments. One adaptation for users, however, is the ability to find documents that others have shared.

By adding “Shared With …” to search options in Google Docs, users have an easier way of finding documents that have been shared.

Document Sharing Just Got Easier

One of our concerns about Google Docs was the user interface for sharing. The options were not in one place and were not clear to newer users.

Google has addressed our concerns. All of the sharing options are no located in one dialog box with multiple tabs. The Sharing menu item lets you pick which tab appears when you open the dialog box.

Improved Directory Sync with Google Apps

One of the advantages of the paid versions of Google Apps is the additional integration features provided. Even smaller companies gain when administration time is minimized.

Recently, Google updated the capabilities of Google Apps Directory Sync:

  • Google Apps Directory Sync can now help synchronize contact information for non-employees (as well as employees) that are listed in the central LDAP directory, so that employees can look up and contact important customers, partners and vendors.
  • More contact fields can be synchronized between an LDAP system and Google Apps. Rich user profile information like multiple phone numbers, addresses and job titles are now supported.

With these enhancements, it is now easier to manage your Google Apps user accounts as part of your overall directory (including Active Directory) administration.