Protect Your Data in the Cloud

When IT pros plan backup and recovery solutions for in-house systems, they start with the big events, such as server failures and disk crashes.  In reality, most restores are not as a result of a catastrophic loss.  Most restores are for individual files that were accidentally overwritten, deleted, or otherwise corrupted.

How is this relevant when your files are in the cloud?

Most cloud file services provide sufficient redundancy and resilience to prevent data loss due to hardware or software failure.  These services, however, cannot protect your data from the users.  Files stored in the cloud remain susceptible to deletion and accidental overwrites.    In addition, new desktop utilities that let users work locally and sync files between desktop and cloud increase your risk of file corruption.

What to do?

You do have some protections available.

Version History:  If your cloud file service has version history features, take the time to understand how and when the service saves versions.  Some services only save documents uploaded via their web interface or client, and not when documents are updated via drive mapping or folder desktop sync applications.

Cloud File backup tools:  Consider adding a backup tool to your cloud ecosystem.  A cloud backup tool will periodically move content from your cloud file service to another location periodically or continuously.  The data is stored in a format that facilitates restores to your cloud file service, and many backup tools let you download the backup set.

If you have concerns about your cloud-based data, or have questions about backing up your data in the cloud, please contact us.


Horizon Info Services, LLC Becomes Cumulus Global

New Name and Brand Reflects Company’s Growth

WESTBOROUGH, MA – June 13, 2011 – Horizon Info Services, LLC announced this morning that, effective immediately, the company is doing business as Cumulus Global. Allen Falcon, CEO, announced the change from the company’s booth at the Hartford Business Journal’s CT Business Expo.  With this new name, Falcon also launched the company’s new branding and web site at

As one of the original 20 Google Apps Authorized Resellers in North America, Cumulus Global will continue delivering innovative cloud computing solutions for email, communications, and collaboration.  The company has also quietly added a broad selection of cloud computing solutions relevant to small and mid-size organizations, serving North American companies with locations worldwide.

“Cumulus Global better reflects the scope of cloud computing solutions we offer to businesses, non-profits, educational institutions, and governments”, stated Falcon.  “While Google Apps remains the cornerstone of our cloud computing solutions, we understand that Google Apps is one piece of the IT puzzle.  We deliver solutions, not just products.”

Cumulus Global augments Google Apps with integrated applications for contact management, MS Office integration, data backup, document records management, email archiving and encryption, as well as custom development services.  The company provides a range of setup and migration services and offers on-going IT and end user support services not otherwise available.

“We are fairly unique among Google Apps resellers,” notes Falcon. “Unlike most Google Apps resellers, our focus is more than selling Google Apps licenses and services.  We focus on our customers’ business needs and objectives, and deliver cloud computing solutions accordingly.”

Beyond Google Apps, Cumulus offers a range of cloud computing solutions, including: spam/virus protection, archiving, encryption, and continuity services for in-house email systems; web security and filtering services; and online backup, restore, and recovery services.  The company will be rolling out Cloud Storage and Cloud Server solutions later this summer.

About Cumulus Global
Cumulus Global, formerly Horizon Info Services, helps small and mid-size businesses, non-profits, governments, and educational institutions thrive by delivering cloud computing solutions.  Serving clients from 1 to more than 1000 employees across numerous industries, we align technology with our clients’ goals, objectives, and bottom lines. We leverage our expertise, vendor relationships, and a diversified range of best-of-breed cloud services to create custom solutions with tangible value.


Cumulus Global Backs New Tiers for Google Apps Authorized Resellers

Yesterday, Google announced the addition of “Premier” tiers for Google Apps Authorized Resellers, as well as for Google Earth, Enterprise Search, and Google Maps.  As reported by CRN, Cumulus Global supports Google’s efforts to differentiate among resellers.

As Allen Falcon, CEO of Cumulus Global discussed in the article, not all resellers have the same skills and resources.  The new tiers reflect training and experience of the reseller, giving customers another tool for matching their needs when selecting a reseller.