Google Apps Vault for Education: Get the Coverage Your Expect

Google Apps VaultFor schools, adding Google Apps Vault is affordable and easy.

Pricing is based on the number of faculty, staff, and administrator accounts; student accounts are covered for free.

But while Google Apps Vault for Education is purchased to cover all users on your Google Apps Domain, the admin settings do not provide this by default.

After your Google Apps Vault account is active, you need to go into the Admin console and set to auto enroll users.  If not, only individually specified users will have the service.

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Google Apps Admins Win with Cumulus Global / BetterCloud Partnership

BetterCloud LogoOne of the challenges of cloud computing solutions is effectively managing the services. While most cloud services let you manage the service, they do not always provide tools that help manage how the service is used.  As a BetterCloud Preferred Partner, Cumulus Global offers organizations using Google Apps for Business, Education, and Government an admin-friendly cloud management tool.  FlashPanel’s simplifies many management tasks, enhances administrators’ ability to secure and control the Google Apps domain, automates common management tasks, and enables delegation of responsibilities.

“FlashPanel simplifies the management of advanced Google Apps features, such as Groups, making them more accessible to users”, noted Allen Falcon, CEO of Cumulus Global. “Available features such as inbox monitoring and sharing management help organizations properly secure their Google Apps domains.”

Cumulus Global offers FlashPanel as a value-add service for Google Apps customers and as an integrated component of its CumuluSuite offerings.

“Cumulus Global is a great resource for small and midsized businesses looking to go Google or enhance their use of the platform,” said David Politis, CEO and Founder of BetterCloud. “We’re thrilled to have Cumulus on board as a preferred partner and are excited to work with them to not only to increase the distribution of FlashPanel, but to also expand the adoption of Google Apps.”

As a Preferred Partner, Cumulus Global offers organizations two versions of FlashPanel.  The Partner Edition, available for free from Cumulus Global, offers all of the features of the self-service free edition in the Google Apps Marketplace, plus a range of administration, security, automation, and reporting features.  For a small, per-user, annual fee, the Enterprise Edition includes a wide range of administration and automation features, designed to enable bulk changes, multi-domain management, scheduled activities, and user-provisioning workflows.  The Enterprise edition also delivers sharing management/compliance and inbox monitoring features.

About BetterCloud

BetterCloud ( is the leading provider of cloud management and security tools for Google Apps. FlashPanel, its flagship product, installed by over 20,000 companies and 12 million users worldwide, is a directory management and Google Drive security application that empowers Google Apps administrators by providing added controls, visibility, automation and more. BetterCloud also powers Ask the Gooru, which provides free Google Apps training videos and aims to further the adoption of Google Apps.

About Cumulus Global

Cumulus Global ( provides cloud solutions for small and midsize enterprises.  As a Cloud Solutions Provider and a Google Apps Premier SMB Reseller, Cumuls Global helps small and midsize businesses, non-profits, governments, and educational institutions move from in-house systems to cloud computing solutions.  We align technology with our clients’ goals, objectives, and bottom lines. In addition to Google Apps, Cumulus Global offers a range of cloud-based security, storage, and server solutions.

Life in the eCity for Cumulus Global

On August 14th, Google Inc. (GOOG) bestowed Westborough, MA with the honor of “digital capital” of Massachusetts as a 2013 eCity.  Research firm Ipsos and Google analyzed how small businesses in communities across the state utilize the Internet to market and grow their businesses.  Factors in Google’s and Ipsos’ analysis included the number of small businesses actively using web sites, web services, mobile apps, and cloud services.

Beyond a robust community of small businesses using Internet-based technologies to market their businesses and grow, Westborough is home to many firms that provide the infrastructure and services.  With more than 600 employees in Westborough, the electronic medical records firm eClinicalWorks, LLC provides advanced IT solutions for more than 236,000 providers and 472,000 healthcare professionals across all 50 states.

Smaller, and less well known, Cumulus Global helps small and midsize businesses, schools, nonprofits, and governments move to cloud computing solutions.  The eight person firm has resided in Westborough for more than 8 years in modest offices off Bellows Road, behind the Post Office.

A Google Apps Premier SMB Reseller, Cumulus Global offers a wide range of cloud and hosted solutions, including managed file services, cloud storage, cloud servers, and off-site backup services.  Cumulus Global is also authorized to offer Google Apps for Government and Chromebooks for Education and Business.

“We are proud to help local businesses, and those across the country, improve their IT solutions and profitability”, stated Allen Falcon, CEO of Cumulus Global.  “And, our team finds working with K-12 schools inspiring.  It is great to see how technology can transform the classroom in creative and effective ways.”

As acceptance of cloud computing grows, Cumulus Global continues to see rapid growth. Sales jumped from under $1 million in 2011 to over $3 million in 2012.  The firm is on track to exceed $6 million in sales for 2013 with more than 1100 customers from Maine to Hawaii.

According to Paul Drotch, Cumulus Global’s CFO, much of the growth is attributable to expanding services to K-12 schools and districts.  “With schools moving to Google Apps for Education and deploying Chromebooks in the classroom, the opportunity has exceeded our expectations.”

To further the options available for small businesses, Cumulus Global recently began offering advanced cloud solution packages that give companies secure, managed file services and virtual servers in the cloud.  “We are going beyond email and calendars”, notes Chris Caldwell, Cumulus Global’s co-founder and COO.  “Our integrated solutions replace in-house servers with secure cloud services that increase accessibility and reliability.”
Going forward, Cumulus Global is continuing to expand.  In July, the company opened its first remote office in New York City, and is currently planning the launch of several new services.

Cumulus Global in the News in August

NewsBeacon.150Cumulus Global is active in the cloud solution provider channel and markets.  Allen Falcon, our CEO, has been quoted several times recently in the trade and industry press.

Forrester: Global IT Pushed to $2.06 Trillion in 2013
Unified Communication Strategies, July 29, 2013
Our View: Spending focus is on business value, not technology.

Microsoft Mobile Office Heads To Android OS, But Still Not Tablets
CRN, July 31, 2013
Our View: Microsoft needs to move faster to keep up with its customers

Microsoft Drops Surface Pro Tablet Price
CRN, August 5, 2013
Our View: Microsoft blew it; new pricing is too little, too late

BetterCloud Launches Management Console for Cloud Services Brokerages
PR Web, August 21, 2013
Our View: We can better serve our customers

Map It Out: The Best States To Start A Solution Provider Business
CRN, August 21, 2013
Our View: Massachusetts is chasing service providers away.

PC Sales Set For Comeback In 2014, Piper Jaffray Says
CRN, August 21, 2013
Our View: Cloud-centric clients no likely to help Intel much.



Google Docs & Drive: Small New Features Make a Big Difference

docsGoogle continues to enhance the Google Apps suite with updates to Google Docs and Drive.

In Google Docs:

  • A new spell checker runs in real-time.  Marking misspelled words, the checker lets you review spelling via a traditional style tool, see spelling suggestions as you type, and setup automatic correction.   You can learn more here.
  • New presets for numbered and bullet lists provide more formatting options in Documents.  You can now also change the color, size, and style of individual bullets, as well as customize your own bullet styles.  See this Google+ post for an animated demo.

google driveIn Google Drive, the current release (1.11) of Google Drive for Mac or PC includes two new features:

  • On Windows, you can now have shortcuts to Documents, Sheets, and Slides on the desktop or in the Start Menu — making it easier to use Google Docs as a primary (or strong secondary) productivity suite.
  • You may now also select where your Google Drive sync folder is located and choose your own name for the folder.

While major in scope, these updates reflect Google’s process of continuous improvement based on user feedback and requests.  These changes improve ease of use and the end user experience.

New Alerts Help Admins Manage Google Apps

We Can HelpOne of the challenges of managing any computing service is tracking changes made to user accounts and services.  The same holds true for Google Apps

Now, Google Apps Administrators can receive email alert notifications when changes are made to user accounts or services settings.

User Alerts include:

  • User suspended (by an administrator)
  • New user added
  • Suspended user made active
  • User deleted
  • User’s password changed (by an administrator)
  • User granted Admin privilege
  • User’s Admin privilege revoked

Service Alerts include:

  • Drive settings changed
  • Calendar settings changed
  • Gmail settings changed
  • Mobile settings changed

Access to the alerts is within the newly redesign Admin Panel for Google Apps. This help article provides a few additional details, or ask us for help.

Users Ask; Gmail Delivers New Features

GmailOne of the benefits of Cloud Computing, is that user-requested features can be developed and released quickly and efficiently.  Over the past few weeks, Google has done just that with the Gmail component of Google Apps for Business, Government, and Education.

Full Screen Compose

For those of us who like a  bit more room when organizing our thoughts, the Gmail compose box/window can now be made full screen by clicking the “maximize” or “pop-out” button.   From within a compose box/window, you can also make full screen compose your default setting via the drop down arrow at the bottom right of the box/window.

Quick Action RSVP

One of the aspects of Google Apps that we love, is the integration between Gmail and Calendar.  The Quick Action RSVP shows up to the right of the email subject line for calendar invites.  Click on the button and you get an event card with RSVP options.

More than allowing you to RSVP to meeting requests from within the invitation (without going to your calendar screen), now you can RSVP from the inbox without opening the invitation.

One More Reason

And, of course, these types of integration snippets are some of the reasons we strongly encourage use of the web interface to Google Apps, rather than Outlook or Thunderbird.

Google Apps Gets Modern Admin Account Recovery


Up until now, recovering a Google Apps administrative account password required setting a fixed secondary, off-domain, email address in the Google Apps Admin Console.

Earlier this week, Google announced an upgrade to the capability, giving every super administrator the ability to recover their account password via email or mobile phone.

For more information on adding recovery options to your administration accounts, review this video.