Spring Cleaning Past Employee Accounts

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It may be the second day of Spring here in New England, but the kids are home from school and the plows were out early. Nothing like a post-winter snow to trigger the spring cleaning bug in us all. For those that work in the cloud, the start of Spring is a great time to review our licenses and our needs and to make sure we are cleaned up and ready for new growth. If you are using Google Apps For Work (GAFW) or Google Apps Unlimited (GAU), now is a great time to clean out accounts for past employees.

Easier Said Than Done

Google Apps has a simple licensing model.  Pay $50 or $120 per user per year, respectively, and users have access to everything Google Apps has to offer.  The challenge comes in when employees leave. If you want to preserve their data, your options within Google Apps are limited, and can become costly. Specifically, you can expect to pay:

  • $50 per user per year to keep a past employee’s GAFW account
  • $100 per user per year if you also have Vault
  • $120 per user per year to keep a suspended GAU account

You Do Have Options

As noted in our recent eBook, A Guide to Google Apps License Management, we discuss several strategies, including: using an “archive” account, sync & store, and cloud backup.  Both the “archive” and “sync & store” approaches are inexpensive, they are not very cost effective. If you are keeping past employees’ data, you want the information to be easy to find an usable.  These solutions can make finding and retrieving information difficult and can alter the format and formatting of documents.

Our recommended solution uses cloud backup. Backup past users to a 3rd party service that lets you restore the data to any active user if and when you need it.  It is easy to keep calendar entries, contacts, files, and emails. File formats and formatting are preserved. Finding information is easy with robust search tools.

And, the cost is affordable. Backupify for Google Apps lets your create and keep an employee archive for $24 (or less!) per account per year. This is half the cost of protecting active users, and 50% to 80% less than keeping the Google Apps accounts active.  And, you avoid the risk of damaging or losing data while shuffling information to other users or into “archive” accounts.

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Cumulus Global CEO Joins XChange Events Advisory Board

Westborough, MA – Following last week’s successful 2016 XChange Solution Provider Conference in Los Angeles, The Channel Company (
www.thechannelco.com) and Cumulus Global (www.cumulusglobal.com) announced the addition of Allen Falcon, CEO of Cumulus Global, to the Xchange Events Advisory Board.  As a thought-leader among born-in-the-cloud service providers, Falcon brings his expertise in cloud computing for SMBs and education to the board.  The XChange Solution Provider Advisory Board serves as the voice of the IT services industry to set the agenda for organizations that want to thrive in an ever changing industry.

xchangelogo“Our Board members are thought leaders and experts in their field”, stated Robert C. DeMarzo, Senior Vice President, Event Content and Strategy, The Channel Company. “The XSP Board members provide strategic insight to help set the agenda for the conference and set the agenda for an important ecosystem of strategic service and solution providers.”

As a member of the XChange Advisory Board, Falcon and his peers help Solution Providers enhance their businesses to best meet the constantly changing demands of the industries and customers they serve.

“I am honored to be joining the Advisory Board and I am looking forward to the working with a great team of industry leaders and innovators”, stated Falcon. “Customers want and need their solutions providers to help them solve business challenges. As a member of the XChange Advisory Board, I look forward to helping Solution Providers rise to this challenge.”

The XChange Conferences intend to educate and inspires. The conferences provide a great venue for company leaders to make connections, and find new directions.