Google Atmosphere Live – You’re Invited!

Shopping-related searches increased 120% in the last year1, according to a review of Google’s data. The consumer’s journey is full of micro-moments, with shoppers reaching for their smartphones in every kind I-want-to-know, to I-want-to-buy (and crucially, I-want-to-buy-again) moments.

It’s data and trends like this that lead Google to host this year’s live event, Atmosphere Digital: Evolving Retail. Here’s the scoop from Google on what to expect:

“Join Google for an inside look at how four global brands evolved their physical and online environments to improve collaboration, streamline operations, and simplify process and spend.”

Come together with Google and industry innovators as they explore the future of retail at Atmosphere Digital. Hear from executives like:

  • Marco Grieco, Business Innovation & Change Director for Italian apparel producer OVS, as he discusses how to best support new ideas, creativity and teamwork
  • Frederico Trajano, third-generation CEO of Magazine Luiza, who led the recent e-commerce implementation of 777 stores with support from 24,000 employees
  • Plus other inspiring and experienced retail leaders

Register now to reserve your seat with Google on April 26th.

*sources: 1Think with Google

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