Google Docs Gets New Drawing Feature

All editions of Google Docs include a new feature that lets you create and insert drawings into documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. The Insert Drawing menu option provides the ability to add, color, rotate, and adjust lines, shapes, text labels, and free-hand scribbles. Learn more ….

Google Docs gets better “Find and Replace”

Google has released an improved “Find and Replace” toolbar in Google Docs. Available in all editions, you can more easily search and replace text. The toolbar adds more options for controlling your search, such as case-sensitive matching and regular expressions. Learn more …

Usage Reporting added to Google Apps Premier and Education Editions

Administrators can view charts on active users and disk space utilization from the Google Apps Control Panel. Learn More.

First Microsoft SMB Insight Report Highlights Virtualization and SaaS

In the first edition of an anticipated annual survey and report, the 2009 Microsoft SMB Insight Report confirms key trends in virtualization and Software as a Service. Key findings from the survey of more than 600 companies and Small Business Specialists from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, and Brazil identified the following […]

The Open Cloud Manifesto is Finally Here … What do YOU think?

Following a very noisy public spat between Microsoft and the Cloud Computing Interoperability Forum (CCIF), and within the CCIF itself, the Open Cloud Manifesto is available to the public. Here is my opinion on the conflict and the process to date. Please read the “Manifesto” and let me know what you think.

Cloud Computing Brought Down to Earth

If you are interested in a macro view of cloud computing and the emerging industry, this blog post from Gregg Ness is a great place to start. Gregg looks at three key factors from a network perspective (network automation and management, capacity, and security) and provides a context for understanding reality versus vendor hype.

Where do Google Enhancements Come From?

Ever wonder where new ideas for Google Apps come from? Here is a peek into Google Labs as published on CNN.COM

Import/Export Gmail Filters

As part of a continuing “series” of posts, here are some of the recent feature enhancements for Gmail from the teams at Google Labs. Filter Import/Export — Export your mail filters as a file: back them up, share them, or save them before deleting so you can restore them later. Import one of these files […]

Cloud Computing to Grow by 21% This Year

As reported on PCMAG.COM, Gartner is projecting a 21% world-wide growth in Cloud Computing. The report identifies the success of Google in creating a new business and delivery model which Microsoft, Yahoo, and others are now starting to emulate.

Google Adds Voice Search to Blackberry App

Blackberry users can not take advantage of Google’s voice search. Simply go to in your Blackberry browser and download the app.

SMS (Texting) and Google Talk

As part of a continuing “series” of posts, here are some of the recent feature enhancements for Gmail from the teams at Google Labs. Text Messaging (SMS) for Chat — Send and receive text messages (SMS) in Chat. US phones only for now. To use Lab features, your administrator must allow access to Labs. Go […]

New Features from Google Labs

As part of a continuing “series” of posts, here are some of the recent feature enhancements for Gmail from the teams at Google Labs. Title Tweaks — Changes the order of the browser title and tab title so that “Inbox (xx)” is first. This lets you see the number of unread items in your inbox […]

My First Feature Role in an Industry Webinar!

On April 15th, I will be one of three featured guests on a Webinar hosted by The VAR Guy and MSP Mentor. The VAR Guy Live:Google Apps and the Amazon Cloud – Real SaaS Opportunities for VARs? Click Here to Register. See you online!

Steve Ballmer Diagram’s Microsoft’s View of Cloud Computing

In an interview for a recent article in the New York Times, Steve Ballmer (Microsoft’s CEO), drew a diagram of Cloud Computing. Look at the diagram for yourself and let me now if you think that Microsoft “gets it”.

You can “Unsend” a message in Gmail

As part of Google Labs, Google released a new feature that lets users “unsend” emails. The feature holds emails for 5 seconds and provides a link to “unsend” the message. This feature is available to all Google Apps Enterprise Edition users with Google Labs active.If you do not have the Labs beaker icon, or have […]

Recent Updates to Google Apps

The following features have been added to Google Apps (multiple editions) over the past week or so. In Gmail: Mark as Unread Update:If you’re reading a conversation that had unread messages when you opened it, when you mark it as unread, Gmail will only mark as unread the messages in that conversation that were unread […]

New Google Site Features – Premier Edition Only!

Google has announced three new features in Google Sites that will make gadgets more useful for Google Apps Premier Edition customers: Start Page Template As a site owner, you can let users personalize areas of a site, such as an internal sales portal. This lets users select gadgets and other information for their start page […]

All MS Systems Vulnerable to Year-Old Security Hole

Once again, Windows systems (every supported version) is vulnerable to a significant security attack. As reported in ZDNet, Microsoft was alerted to the issue a year ago and has failed to provide a patch. Time again for IT staff to spend time and energy working around a security problem instead of on projects that help […]

Public Service or Extortion?

Earlier this week, the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) petitioned the FTC to force Google to shut down operations of Gmail, Google Docs, and other services (PCMag coverage here). Their justification was the resent security issue with Google Docs that impacted fewer than 0.05% of Google Doc users. Sounds like EPIC is very concerned about […]

Cloud Computing = Innovation Without a Budget

So you think your budget is tight? Just image being an innovative educator in the San Diego Unified School District. In his blog, Doug’s Dirt, Doug McIntosh explains the problem and his solution (hint: it includes Google Apps). Next, look at the Google Apps in the Classroom, a Google Site he created that tells other […]