Who Will Use the Chromebook Pixel? Maybe You!

Chromebook PixelLast week, Google announced the Chromebook Pixel, a high end laptop running Chrome OS and designed for users that work in the cloud.  The unit is HD audio and video, a dual-core Celeron i5 processor, and up to 32 GB of solid state storage.  The 12.86″ touchscreen has an unusual, but very useful, 3:2 aspect ratio, which beats Apple’s Retina displays in terms of pixel density.

At $1,299 for a WiFi model and $1,499 for the LTE version, some in the tech press  question who would buy the Pixel.  Others, like us, see the value proposition.

We see the LTE model as extremely useful, particularly given the 1TB of free Google Drive space you get for 3 years with the system.   Why?  The aggregation of features make this device a perfect replacement for professionals and other knowledge workers that live and work via the web — in the cloud.


According to Ookla, my 4G LTE smartphone gets 30 Mbps on download and 18 Mbps on the upload.  That’s almost identical to the 35 Mbps symmetric FIOS line that serves an office of eight web-heavy users.  The Pixel LTE gives you high-speed, ubiquitous access to the Internet so you can work in the cloud without working about hot spots and performance.


With QuickOffice installed, you can bring in, access, and edit your legacy MS Office applications without blinking an eye.  The “hurdle” of moving away from MS Office just dropped to the ground.


The LTE model has 64 GB of local storage — plenty of capacity for working off-line when cellular service is blocked and WiFi is not available (planes, trains, etc).  And, unless you are streaming videos or playing on-line games, the battery should give you about 5 hours of useful work (enough to cross the country).


With 1TB of Google Drive storage per device/user, the Chromebook Pixel provides enough storage for most small and mid-size businesses.  And, with Google Apps as its base, you can integrate your business applications and tools to ensure your data is protected and secure.

If you still need access to Windows-only legacy apps, we can provide you a virtual desktop that runs in a Chrome tab.

If you …

  • Work in the cloud
  • Leverage the capabilities of Google Apps
  • Use web-based and cloud applications to run your business

… the Chromebook Pixel may be right for you.