Cumulus Global Partners with 4th Bin for e-Waste Services

4th_bin_logoCumulus Global announced today a strategic alliance with The 4th Bin for Responsible e-Waste services.  Through the alliance, Cumulus Global will offer e-Steward certified recycling services to customers in and around New York, along with secure data storage destruction services to customer nation-wide.  In addition to e-Steward Certification, the 4th Bin has attained ISO 14001 and R2 Certification, reinforcing the company’s commitment to responsible recycling and customer solutions.

“As we move companies into cloud-based solutions, they are reducing their on-premise technology footprints,” noted Allen Falcon, CEO of Cumulus Global.  “By offering a means for customers to recycle equipment and destroy sensitive data, we can help customers avoid near- and long-term liability issues.”

For businesses in New York City, The 4th Bin provides convenient pickup services.  The 4th Bin collects all types of electronics, including computers, printers, phone systems, storage arrays … anything that has a battery or plugs in.  Cumulus Global and The 4th Bin will processes data storage media for secure, verified destruction from anywhere in the continental United States.

About The 4th Bin

The 4th Bin is a leading provider of ethical electronic waste rescue and recycling solutions, serving both residences and commercial businesses with door-to-door pick-up of all electronics. With a commitment to the highest ethical standards in respect to e-waste recycling, The 4th Bin has created a simple and inexpensive way for consumers and companies to recycle or reuse their electronics, while working together to manage the NYC e-waste problem. By also delivering secure, on-site data destruction services and IT asset management and disposition, The 4th Bin is your complete e-waste partner.