Top 10 Reasons Yahoo Employees Can No Longer Work From Home


Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is putting an end to Yahoo employees working from home as part of her heroic effort to turn around the struggling company.  As best we can tell, here are the top 10 reasons why employees can no longer work from home.

10:  Sitting in Bay Area traffic for hours each day is more productive than working at home

9:  Forcing employees to pay more for gas, commuter rail, and child care will help the economy

8:  Employees that struggle to balance work and family are happier, more productive, and fiercely loyal to their employer

7: Employees that come to the office get cool benefits like free gourmet food, laundry service, exercise classes, and massages.  Oh, wait, that’s Google

6:  Marissa Mayer has always wanted to appear in a Dilbert cartoon

5:  Talent and results are meaningless unless you work in a cubicle

4:  The Internet is a fad and should not be used for business

3: Sharing documents with real-time collaborative editing and managed revisions, instantly  messaging teammates, and working together are all less productive than waiting for an available conference room

2:  Interactive meetings using Hangouts, with multi-party voice and video conferencing, desktop sharing, and real-time collaboration is just science fiction

And the Number One reason Yahoo employees can no longer work from home ….

Without Google Apps For Business, we cannot Work in the Future