Did you miss these Google Docs updates?

Over the past several weeks and months, Google has released many updates to Google Docs.  While the big updates — such as uploading of any file type — get a lot of attention, here are a few that you may have missed:

  • Thumbnail View in the Docs List
    • By selecting the this view for your document list, you can now see a thumbnail image of your document when viewing the list or searching.  When combined with search by relevance, the thumbnail view makes it really easy to find the file you’re looking for.
  • Spelling correction when searching for a doc
    • When searching for a document, the search bar now recognizes common misspellings and prompts you for corrections.
  • Upload any file limit increased from 250MB to 1GB
    • When uploading a file that you are not converting to Google Docs formats, the size limit is now 1GB.

You can learn more about these features here.