Recent Updates to Google Apps

The following features have been added to Google Apps (multiple editions) over the past week or so.

In Gmail:

  • Mark as Unread Update:
    If you’re reading a conversation that had unread messages when you opened it, when you mark it as unread, Gmail will only mark as unread the messages in that conversation that were unread when you first opened the message.
  • Analytics for Gmail:
    Premier and Education administrators can now view statistics about how their organizations are using Gmail (like users’ locations, languages, length of visit, etc.) in Google Analytics. This extends the Analytics statistics currently available for the control panel, Google Docs and Google Sites
  • Name Format Options:
    Google Apps Administrators can now choose how users’ names will be displayed in Gmail. Administrators can select whether to display names either as: First Last (example: John Smith) or Last, First (example: Smith, John).
    Administrators can also choose whether to allow users to customize this setting.

In Google Docs (Forms):

  • Form Summary Page: Provides current information about completed responses to a Google Form (attached to a Google Spreadsheet)
  • Collect username in Google Docs: You can now automatically collect a respondent’s username when they submit a form in Google Docs.