Resources for Small Business owners

You are the one! Running a small business or a one-person shop is demanding.  You need to work in your business; you need to work on your business.  Beyond delivering your goods and services, you are responsible for marketing, sales, technology, finances, and more. In order to achieve all of this, you need a well thought out strategy and plan that includes the best resources for your small business.

Small Business Resources Are a Conversation Away

Fortunately, you are not alone. There are many paid and free resources for small business owners. For example, you can tap other professionals in your network for advice; you can delegate or outsource areas of your business, specific roles and responsibilities, or projects to experts and managed service providers.

What resources do small businesses need?

While Cumulus Global is here to make sure IT works for you with managed cloud and technology services, our network is your network. Let us know if our network of professionals can help you with any aspect of your business.

30 Best Resources for Small Business Owners

Consider our list of the thirty best resources we recommend for small business owners. We’re happy to help narrow down the essentials for your unique businses situation, and connect you to the right partners to take advantage of these offerings.

Blog Development and Content
Executive Coaching
Human Resource Services
Legal Services
Strategy Consulting

Marketing Consulting
Marketing Services
Newsletter Production and Content
Peer Advisory Groups
Public Relations
Podcast Production
Promotional Items
Referrals Coaching

Sales Coaching
Sales Resources
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Management
Social Selling
Web Content
Web Site Design, Maintenance, and Hosting
Video Production

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