FlashPanel Schedule Reporting Helps Google Apps Admins

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We offer the Flashpanel Panel Partner edition as a free resource to all of our Google Apps customers for many reasons.  Beyond giving our clients additional features than the self-service free edition, we see how an understanding of how the environment is being used, leads to broader and more effective adoption.

Companies, governments, non-profits, and schools that look at how Google Apps are being used, find ways Google Apps can be used to increase productivity and better support their employees’ success.

FlashPanel offers a broader, more relevant range of reports than the Google Apps Admin Console.  With FlashPanel Premium, you can create custom reports and, with the current new release, you can schedule and publish both standard and custom reports.

FlashPanel Basic and Partner editions will receive a free 14-day trial of this feature.  For many organizations, Scheduled Reporting is another reason to consider upgrading to FlashPanel Premium.

You can learn more at the FlashPanel Blog.  Please contact us if you would like FlashPanel Partner edition for your domain, or you want to learn more about FlashPanel Premium.


New Alerts Help Admins Manage Google Apps

We Can HelpOne of the challenges of managing any computing service is tracking changes made to user accounts and services.  The same holds true for Google Apps

Now, Google Apps Administrators can receive email alert notifications when changes are made to user accounts or services settings.

User Alerts include:

  • User suspended (by an administrator)
  • New user added
  • Suspended user made active
  • User deleted
  • User’s password changed (by an administrator)
  • User granted Admin privilege
  • User’s Admin privilege revoked

Service Alerts include:

  • Drive settings changed
  • Calendar settings changed
  • Gmail settings changed
  • Mobile settings changed

Access to the alerts is within the newly redesign Admin Panel for Google Apps. This help article provides a few additional details, or ask us for help.

Google Apps Gets Modern Admin Account Recovery


Up until now, recovering a Google Apps administrative account password required setting a fixed secondary, off-domain, email address in the Google Apps Admin Console.

Earlier this week, Google announced an upgrade to the capability, giving every super administrator the ability to recover their account password via email or mobile phone.

For more information on adding recovery options to your administration accounts, review this video.