McAfee MXLogic Update May Stop Inbound Email

Earlier this week McAfee MXlogic added a new “Spam Flood Prevention” feature with the intent of stopping hailstorm and snowshoe style attacks that flood inboxes with email from specific IP addresses.  The feature will defer and eventually expire any more than 100 email messages per day from a single IP address.

While this sounds like an easy fix to a troubling problem, most cloud-based email services route email through a limited number of IP addresses. If you receive enough email from senders using Gmail, Google Apps, Office 365, or from senders with gateway services like Reflexion and Zixmail, MXlogic will likely block and discard legitimate messages.

And since you likely don’t know the sender’s email service, you will have no idea why, or how much, information is missing.

We recommend that you perform the following workaround steps in MXLogic:

  1. Log into the Control Console.
  2. Select Email Protection > Policies.
  3. Highlight the desired inbound policy (usually Default Inbound) and clickEdit.
  4. Click the Spam tab, which will default to the Classifications sub tab.
  5. De-select the check box for Enable Spam flood prevention.
  6. Click Save. Please allow 20 minutes for full replication of settings across the servers.

More information can be found on the following McAfee Support Article.

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