FUD! Who do YOU trust?

Fear!  Uncertainty!  Doubt! Every since Google announced that its Postini services — Google Message Security and Message Archive & Discovery were moving from an aging Postini infrastructure to the more secure, more robust Google Apps infrastructures, Postini customers have been hounded by competitors raising alarms about Postini going away and the need for a replacement.

We have already established that Postini is not going away in this blog post. Additionally we’ve pointed out that for the same pricing plan, Postini customers will gain integrated access to Google Docs, Sites, Talk, and other services (everything but Gmail, actually).

So if a vendor’s first contact with you is that Postini is going away, you know they are lying — or at least bending the truth to mislead you.

It is surprising how many people will listen to vendor claims, fail to validate them, and make decisions that impact their businesses.

Vendors use FUD because it works.  It works because business owners and IT managers are busy and they want to believe there is a better mousetrap.  But if a vendor is lying to you, why would you want to do business with them?  If they mislead you to get your business, will they follow through on their promises of quality?  savings?  support?

With a modest amount of due diligence, businesses can save themselves newer, bigger headaches.