Google Docs Gets Several New Features

Google Docs recently received a round of updates and features.

  • Tables in documents can now be resized
  • Custom entries can now be added to the spell check dictionary for documents
  • The document ruler can now be set to ‘on’ or ‘off’ across sessions
  • Entire drawings can be copied to the web clipboard

These features are part of the on-going enhancement of Google Docs as an integrated office productivity suite.

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Better Drawing Tools in Google Docs

Google has added several new drawing tool features to Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations, including:

  • Custom shapes and lines: Use the new ‘Polyline’ tool to create custom shapes, close shapes, fill them and reposition points
  • Snap to Guides: Helps you align shapes with the canvas and other shapes when dragging and resizing
  • Draw multiple lines:  Start drawing a new line immediately after finishing a line, without having to re-select the line type

These enhancements are included in all versions of Google Apps.