5 Ways Google Apps Will Help Your Business


Not just an email service, Google Apps is a business platform that enables efficiency and productivity by giving your team better communication and collaboration tools.

In less than 12 minutes, Cumulus Global’s CEO Allen Falcon identifies 5 ways that Google Apps will help your business.

1) Improved Communications

2) Collaboration — More and Better

3) Secure Access — from anywhere at anytime

4) Business Continuity

5) Lower Operating Costs — instead of CapEx + OpEx 

The video is a recording of Allen’s Standing Room Only seminar at the Central Mass Business Expo in September 2014.  Click Here to view the recording and contact us for more information and a free assessment of your business’ cloud potential.



Improved Sharing in Google Docs

An enhancement that makes it easier to share groups of documents with co-workers and others, you can now share entire folders in Google Docs (learn more).

This update also allows you to upload multiple files into Google Docs with one command.  Note that when you upload MS Office documents into Google Docs, the document format changes and some features and layouts may be modified for compatibility.

Add OffiSync and you can more easily work in the MS Office apps you like while using Google Apps for collaboration.   With OffiSync Premium preserves the original MS format of your documents.

Upload Larger Files to Google Video

If you have Google Gears installed locally on your system, you can now upload video files up to 16GB in size to Google Video.  By raising the limit, Google Apps users can now share and manage longer videos within their organizations.

Click here to learn more about this feature for Education and Premier Editions

OffiSync Intro and Training

See the features of OffiSync Premium first-hand.  Learn how to use OffiSync to save, share, and collaborate using Google Docs and Google Site from a toolbar within Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

When:  Friday 11/13/2009 — 1:00 PM ET

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OffiSync works with

  • MS Office 2003, 2007, and 201o
  • Google Apps Premier, Education, and Standard Editions
  • Google Site and Google Docs

Growth in Cloud Computing Market Accelerates Rapidly

According to research firm Gartner, worldwide sales of cloud computing Software as a Service (SaaS) applications and solutions will reach US$7.5 Billion in 2009, a nearly 18% increase over 2008.  Gartner further expects sales to more than double, reaching US$14 Billion by 2013.

These estimates represent an increase in prior Gartner estimates, as growth in cloud computing now is happening faster than originally predicted.

Our view is this:

Big, highly-publicized moves to Cloud Computing, such as the City of Los Angeles moving to Google Apps, establish credibility and signal the market that cloud management and security is up to the task.

Small and mid-size businesses have much to gain.  Cloud-based solutions free smaller businesses from the disproportionately high overhead and operating costs of many in-house solutions.  While cloud-based solutions may not meet the needs of all businesses, for many they provide better capabilities with greater reliability at lower costs.

OffiSync Launches

If you follow our blog posts, you have heard us mention OffiSync.

OffiSync is an add-on for MS Office that lets user save,  share and collaborate via Google Docs and Google Sites from within Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

OffiSync lets users keep working with their familiar office suite applications while taking advantage of the collaboration features of Google Apps (all versions).  The add-on also minimizes user concerns about functional differences with Google Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations.

Learn more here.

Hamilton Beach Blends Savings with Gmail

Reviewing newsletters, I ran across an interesting article from TechTarget in mid-January. Hamilton Beach Brands made the case for moving from an in-house email solution to Google Apps Premier Edition. With a large IT staff, they managed the project in-house, buying direct for Google.

For many SMB’s, reseller expertise can speed the planning, implementation, and integration effort for a successful transition.