1st of 5: More Ways to Collaborate in Google Apps

Google Apps is designed for secure sharing and collaborations.  Many users, however, still rely on the back-and-forth of email to get their work done.  Here is the 1st of 5 other ways to collaborate in Google Apps.

Use Google Groups for your Group

Google Groups is designed to facilitate discussions among its members.  Create a group for your project team and your team members can read and respond to threaded discussions on the group’s home page, as well as by email.   Once created, you can subscribe or invite members to join (or require members to subscribe themselves).  And, you can invite and include project team members from outside your organizations.

Team members can post questions, ideas, issues, and get a quick response from teammates.  And, all project discussions are organized in a single location.

Groups also let you manage distribution lists and security.  Invite a group to an event using Calendar, and all members get the invite.  Share a document of folder on Drive with the group, and all members get access.

Since members can elect to be notified of every message immediately, or via daily and/or volume-based digests, individuals can still manage their inboxes as well.

Helping team members learn how to best use groups to collaborate is easy, as “Google Groups Training” is included in the Google Apps Training service from Boost eLearning. Contact us to learn more.




Collaborative Inbox – A Solution You Want

You have a team:  maybe they provide customer support, maybe they process applications, maybe they sell.

You want your team to share an inbox — an email identity — BUT you want and need more than a distribution list.

You want your team to …

  • Track their work process
  • Know which messages have been answered or processed
  • Know that duplicate message do not trigger duplicate work
  • Have defined roles and responsibilities
  • Be able to filter and delegate work appropriately

What you want is finally here:  Google Groups Collaborative Inbox.

The 2 minute video provides a great overview.  Contact us for more info or for help getting started.


Google Groups: A Major Addition to Google Apps

Google Apps Premier and Education Editions now include Google Groups.

With the addition of Google Groups, you can ..

  • Create an email distribution list to which users can subscribe, with several notification options to members
  • Facilitate threaded discussions
  • Provide a “public” mailbox for saving project-related emails

For more information, to discuss how this feature can help you migrate off MS Exchange, or a demo, please contact us.