QuickOffice is Free for Everyone

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As of September 19, 2013, Google has freed QuickOffice for everyone.  The result? Anybody with a Google Apps account can edit MS Office documents — Word, Excel, and Powerpoint — stored in Google Drive using any Android or iOS device.

While Microsoft is still attempting to lock users into Windows platforms in order to use MS Office, Google Apps and Google Drive users can now freely view and edit documents across platforms.

Combined with CumuluSuite Office, you can integrate MS Office on your existing Windows or Mac devices with the ability to view and edit them from smart phones and tablets.

Microsoft to iOS and Android Users: “Never Mind.”


Are we really surprised?  In the flurry of Microsoft’s marketing blitz for Office 2013, Microsoft promised that the “new office” would be available across every platform.  That Mac, iOS, and Android users would not be left behind.

Fast forward a few months and Microsoft  delaying MS Office for the iOS and Android platforms by a year.  Already facing erosion from Google Apps as companies are moving into the cloud, Microsoft is neglecting one of the fastest growing user markets in the “post-pc” era.

Meanwhile, Google is offering Quickoffice to Google Apps customers at no charge and Quickoffice PRO is available to iOS and Android users for $19.99.  MS Office users can now more easily integrate their legacy applications with mobility with Google products than those from Microsoft.

As noted in ZDnet, iOS and Android users — and Google — have the most to gain.

Quickoffice: More Than Office for Mobile Users



QuickofficeWith this week’s release of Quickoffice for iPhone and Android platforms, Google Apps for Business mobile users can now access and edit MS Office files on any iOS or current Android device.  Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files are no longer captive to heavy and more expensive Windows laptops, netbooks, and tablets.

Overdrive … 

The Quickoffice app also expands access to all files in Google Drive.  In addition to users’ My Drive content, Quickoffice provides folder views for Shared with Me, Starred, Recent, and any subfolders.