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With over 200 new features add yearly, the capability of Google Apps is growing in features and capabilities. Across our customer base, we see adoption and use of these features by individuals and teams growing as well.

You want and need to understand how Google Apps is being used, and working, for your business. With more collaboration and data in the cloud, you want to ensure that documents are properly shared, with appropriate privacy and protections. At the same time, we want to keep administration simple and efficient.

We have a solution:

BetterCloud recently release a new tiered service designed to solve each of these issues, and you can try it for free.

BetterCloud Basic is a Domain Health Center for your Google Apps domain, letting you monitor activity, define alerts, and analyze usage.

BetterCloud Pro is a robust suite of administration and management tools for Google Apps that simply admin tasks with an expanded set of controls that save you time and effort.

BetterCloud Enterprise adds auditing, discovery, compliance, and data loss prevention features, giving you the ability to monitor, manage, and mitigate data permissions and exposures in real time.


You can try BetterCloud for free, and without obligation.  Here’s our offer:

We will …

  • Install BetterCloud Basic for free in your Google Apps domain
  • Activate a no-obligation, 30 day trial of the BetterCloud Enterprise and Pro Features
  • Over the course of the free trial, we will highlight and demonstrate key features, including running a basic data security audit report for your review

At the end of the the trial, you decide if the cost/benefit of BetterCloud Pro or Enterprise is appropriate for your domain, and we will keep you subscribed. If not, you can keep using BetterCloud Basic for free.

To keep it simple, you can request the trial with two clicks.  Click here* to open a request email, then click Send.  Our team will promptly respond and activate your free trial.

*If you purchased Google Apps directly from Google, or another partner, we can still provide the trial. We also offer license discounts and other incentives for moving your account over to us. Contact us if you are interested in the savings and/or our services.


FlashPanel Schedule Reporting Helps Google Apps Admins

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We offer the Flashpanel Panel Partner edition as a free resource to all of our Google Apps customers for many reasons.  Beyond giving our clients additional features than the self-service free edition, we see how an understanding of how the environment is being used, leads to broader and more effective adoption.

Companies, governments, non-profits, and schools that look at how Google Apps are being used, find ways Google Apps can be used to increase productivity and better support their employees’ success.

FlashPanel offers a broader, more relevant range of reports than the Google Apps Admin Console.  With FlashPanel Premium, you can create custom reports and, with the current new release, you can schedule and publish both standard and custom reports.

FlashPanel Basic and Partner editions will receive a free 14-day trial of this feature.  For many organizations, Scheduled Reporting is another reason to consider upgrading to FlashPanel Premium.

You can learn more at the FlashPanel Blog.  Please contact us if you would like FlashPanel Partner edition for your domain, or you want to learn more about FlashPanel Premium.