Cumulus Global Joins the Small Giants Community

Cumulus Global joins the Small Giants Community, further demonstrating the company’s commitments to its core values and mission. In joining the Small Giants Community, the leadership team at Cumulus Global recognizes that a relationship exists between a company’s culture and its success.

“We have seen rapid growth over the past several years,” notes Allen Falcon, CEO of Cumulus Global. “We remain conscious that as we focus on serving our customers, we need to ensure we do not lose our identity as an organization.”

The Small Giants Community helps small and mid-size enterprises develop the six characteristics of quality that lead to success:

  • Develop Exceptional Leaders
  • Invest in Your Community
  • Build Strong Relationships
  • Create a Great Culture
  • Inspire Passion
  • Drive Long-Term Profit

While Cumulus Global continues to receive industry and business recognition for its services and growth, the company strives for greatness over size. In doing so, the company is looking beyond its internal operations to its relationships with vendors, customers, and the communities it serves.

“The IT industry is inundated with mediocrity, with service providers willing to do just enough to win your and keep your business,” notes Falcon. “We are striving for more. We want to be the company that you want on your team, that you trust, that you admire.”

About The Small Giants Community

The Small Giants Community champions the importance of the Return on Values business model and serves to: create a practitioner driven learning experience and community; establish a body of knowledge to support and develop adopters, and influence the business community through media, thought leaders and academia.