5 Ways We Can Lower Your Chrome Device Costs

As part of our ChromeCycle Program, we help you manage the total cost of ownership of your Chrome devices.

Here are five (5) ways we can lower the purchase cost for your next round of Chrome devices.

1. Preregister Your Purchase:

We can often secure preferred pricing when we preregister your intended purchase with your preferred Chrome device manufacturer. Letting your manufacturer know now how many units you plan to buy later helps them plan production and distribution. Some of those savings come back to you.

3. Competitive Bidding:

If you do not have a preferred Chrome device manufacturer, we can bid your intended purchased out across manufacturers and distributors to obtain the best purchase price possible.

3. Trade-In: 

Trading in devices at the end of their life cycle can lower the cost of refreshing your devices by as much as 20%. We can estimate trade-in value now, to help with your budgets for purchases later in the year

4. Buy-Back:

Even if you are not buying your refresh fleet from us, we can buy back devices you are retiring. The international market for used devices and parts can save you money.

5. Financing Services:

We work with multiple finance partners to offer both finance and fair market value leasing options. We can put your purchase financing out to bid to help get the best rate and terms possible.

Chrome Device Costs

Chrome devices are typically sold with a license included, which provides access to the Chrome operating system and management console. However, if you need to purchase additional licenses for your organization, the cost can vary depending on the type of license and the number of devices you need to license.

There are two main types of Chrome device licenses:

  1. Chrome Enterprise Upgrade: This license provides access to additional features and management tools, such as enhanced security, access to the Chrome Web Store, and support for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). The cost for the Chrome Enterprise Upgrade license is $50 per device per year.
  2. Chrome Education Upgrade: This license is designed for educational institutions and provides additional features tailored to the needs of students and educators, such as Google Classroom integration and content filtering. The cost for the Chrome Education Upgrade license is $30 per device per year.

When you sign up for a Chrome Enterprise Upgrade, you will get a free 30-day trail. Final prices are subject to change, and may vary by region. Please contact us if you have any questions about the specific pricing available in your area, and to best determine how much value a Chrome Enterprise upgrade will have for your unique situation.

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