3 Email Encryption Options for Google Apps

Security KeyIn the Google Apps ecosystem, we see three primary players with integrated email encryption services.

  • ZixMail
    • A comprehensive message encryption service that includes user tagging of messages for encryption and heuristics and business rules to auto-encrypt. ZixMail also includes the ZixGateway of other ZixMail users, enabling automated end-to-end secure communications.
  • Google Apps Message Encryption (GAME)
    • A private-label of Zixmail run in Google’s data center. GAME uses the ZixMail encryption engine and services, matched to the email rules capability of Gmail.


  • Virtru
    • An encryption-in-place service that integrates with Google Apps which runs in the Chrome Browser, Outlook on Windows desktops, and on mobile devices. Virtru includes features such as forwarding blocks and email expirations. Data loss prevention rules for HIPAA compliance are available at an additional cost.

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Email Encryption is Not Compliance

Security Key
While providing a reasonable level of protection from inappropriate access to your data, the built-in encryption is not sufficient to meet information privacy regulations. Laws such as the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”), and industry regulations including the Personal Card Information (“PCI”) standards require more than data encryption.

Privacy laws and regulations typically include three components:

  1. Policies and procedures that, when followed, provide appropriate data protections
  2. A means to monitor compliance, with the ability to detect and mitigate potential violations of the policies and procedures
  3. A defined response and resolution procedure in the event of a breach

As explained in our eBook, Email Encryption in Google Apps, Technology can support the implementation of these three components, but does not offer a full solution on its own.

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