In February, we posted an update to our Services Contract (Section 1.2), clarifying the scope of support we provide to customers that do not elect one of our support options. While we have always been willing to help out with the occasional emergency request as a courtesy to our customers, we need to ensure that our support team is available to service customers that have committed to a service contract.

To avoid confusion, and any hard feelings, we are clarifying our services, as follows:

If a customer does not elect to include support services (annual, monthly, or prepaid hours) in Attachment 1, Customer is considered “Self-Service”. We will provide Self-Service customers with:

  1. Account license changes;
  2. Admin password resets; and
  3. Where applicable, vendor support ticket escalation.

Any other support services will be provided at our current hourly rates.

This change is in effect for new customers as of March 1, and for all existing customers as of April 1, 2017. While we do not expect this clarification to impact customers, please contact us if you have any questions.

You can visit the Services section of our site to learn more about our  On-Demand Support and Contract Support options.