Improvements for Google Apps Users Running MS Outlook

Many Google Apps users continue to use MS Outlook as their email/calendar software of choice.  The Google Apps Sync for MS Outlook makes this easy, and has recently improved.

  • New Calendars: If you create a new calendar in MS Outlook, the new calendar will be created in Google Apps and will Sync.
  • Multiple Calendars: You can now sync multiple calendars from Google Apps to Outlook.  The sync will include all calendars for which you have write permissions and that are not hidden in your Google Calendar list.
  • Free/Busy with Dual Delivery: We often configure dual delivery — where email goes to Google Apps and Exchange at the same time — so that we can migrate users  in groups and phases.  When running in dual delivery and other Google Apps/Exchange mixed environments, you can now query free/busy information from the Exchange server.  To do so requires installing a free connector and a registry key on each client,  a service that is included in our unlimited support package.

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